Wanted Listings

- Events

Trading Anyone having a Trading, especially for Christmas? (Neg ebbles)

Business & Administration

Business & Office - computers/photocopying etc/ admin Business & Office - computers/photocopying etc/ admin (Neg. ebbles)
Charity set up Professional advice for setting up a charity. It is a question of which type of Charity to go for. (Neg. ebbles)
Website update (10E per hour ebbles)


Computer help Breakdowns (10 per hour ebbles)
Computer Help

Counselling & Therapy

Astrology (Neg. ebbles)
Body, Mind, Spirit (Neg. ebbles)
Divination (Neg. ebbles)
Massage I think I have a trapped nerve (too much computer work!) and need a massage to release it but I don't know enough about therapy to know what kind; any offers? (Neg. ebbles)
Tarot (Neg. ebbles)


Honey, Fruit, Veg/Salad Always keen to buy pears, damsons and other soft fruits, blueberries, currants etc. when in season. Also honey please. (neg ebbles)

Gardening & Yard Work

Cleaning/mending/painting garden furniture Cleaning/mending/painting garden furniture (Neg. ebbles)
Garden help I have a small garden and backyard space which I need help with to turn into a useable garden, any help appreciated. (neg ebbles)
Help with gardening
Lawn Mowing Front garden, with parking on drive. Lawn size: 38ft long x 16ft wide, arcing to 5ft at entry end.


Household Does anyone do soldering? My (original) Art Deco lamp has come apart - the base separated from the stem.
Pockets Would somebody replace a couple of trouser pockets for me? (Neg. ebbles)
Taking up curtains Can anyone take up a pair of curtains for me? (75 ebbles ebbles)
Urgent Help Through illness, I need help with house cleaning this week. Please call me on: 01722 322 212 or 07909594782 Thank you (Neg. ebbles)

Music & Entertainment

Films Does anyone know the Salisbury Cinema Manager well enough to set up a friendly meet? (Neg. ebbles)
piano lessons Taster lesson wanted for 8 year old and possibly further lessons to follow. (10E/hr ebbles)
Tuition Help with learning to play a mandolin. I can come to you (Name yr rate! ebbles)


Dog walking Dog walking (Neg. ebbles)


Parking in town For those occasions before 3pm when I cant park in Culver St car park (Name yr rate! ebbles)


French I am hoping to find someone who can read and write French (Neg. ebbles)
Running errands, etc. Running errands, etc. (Neg. ebbles)
Things for refugees Tents (entire & in good condition) Sleeping bags. Torches. Clothes including small babies. Any mens small or medium & boys clothes they like joggers & hoodies & t shirts. NEW socks & pants. Cooking pots, especially large ones & utensils especially large ladles etc. All in condition you would want. FOOD, Ring pull cans if possible, of kidney beans or chickpeas, tinned tomatoes, sardines. TEA sugar. Cumin, garlic in fact spices generally. Quick cook rice. Also cooking oil. Also catering sizes of these as the places that feed people keep running out. Long life milk. Small packs of nuts & snacks. All in date. (Neg ebbles)
Trading Days Anyone feel like hosting a Trading Day? Especially while there is so much sun forecast. (Neg. ebbles)